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Jeffrey Evan Felzer, DMD | After Dental Implant Surgery in Wilmington


Jeffrey E. Felzer  DMD PC

Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology          

(302) 995-6979

After Dental Implant Surgery


1) Do not eat anything or drink hot fluids until the numbness has worn off to avoid injury from
accidental biting or burning.

2) No vigorous rinsing, drinking through a straw, or spitting for 3 days so the blood clot will not be disturbed.

3) Today, rest as much as possible with your head elevated. No vigorous exercising for 3 days.

4) Slight bleeding is normal for several hours following surgery. If persistent bleeding occurs place a wet teabag on the involved area and apply direct pressure for 15-20 continuous minutes. Repeat as necessary.

5) Do not pull back the lips or cheeks to look at the area as this can disturb the surgical site and increase complications.

6) Do not eat by the surgical area for 1 week. Soft nutritious foods will be necessary for the first few days. Avoid acidic and crunchy foods. Drink plenty of fluids.

7) Do not use tobacco or drink alcohol as these will delay healing.

8) Swelling can be lessened by placing a cold compress on the face alternating on and off for 20 minutes during the first 72 hours.

9) Take all medications the doctor has prescribed for you according to directions.

10) If a rinse has been prescribed, being using it as directed.

11) After periodontal surgery, sensitivity of the teeth may occur. This is remedied by maintaining proper oral hygiene and by the use of specially formulated sensitive toothpaste, such as, Sensodyne.

12) If sinus augmentation has been done, some light bleeding from the nose is normal.  If it is more that light pink, please call the office.

13) If bone grafting has been done, you may expect to feel a few granules of the graft in your mouth. This is normal.

14) Return for your appointment to have the periodontal pack and any sutures removed. If the sutures loosen or come out within 3 days, please inform the office.

15) If you have any questions, please feel free to call.



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